The Diamondbacks have a new home!  Located between two State Parks (Sand Hollow State Park, and Quail Creek State Park) The New Diamond Ranch Academy High School is taking education and athletics to the next level!

The 63,000 sf. school features 38 college-like dorms for 150+ students, state of the art classrooms and academic instruction areas, libraries, fully staffed medical center, and a dedicated hair salon (yes, it’s true ladies!).

This unique campus is really beautiful.  With tall ceilings and big windows to allow for natural light, the new main building has a warm, colonial feel that makes you feel at home.

The building is essentially split down the middle: Boys’ campus on one side, girls’ on the other.  But what’s really special is its functionality.

Now both girls and boys have easy access to the gym, classrooms, libraries, cafeteria, medical department, etc. without having to cross into the other side of the building.  The unique design definitely adds to the unique experience students have at Diamond Ranch Academy.

So what does this new home mean for Diamondback athletics?  Well, we also have team locker rooms for both boys and girls athletics, an indoor basketball gymnasium, a boys weight room, a girls fitness center, a new equestrian facility, and one-of-a-kind turf baseball field and football fields!

“The Diamondbacks will play on an incredible and unique turf field – one like you’ll never see at most colleges and universities.”

The Diamondback's New Home!

Yes, the Diamondbacks are definitely revved up to start a new season at the new campus, and, as they settle in, they’re making sure to work hard to make the upcoming season count!

The football team is excited to be taking on other talented region and non-region teams in the area including Enterprise High School, Milford High School, Monticello High School, Duchesne High School, Whitehorse High School, Monument Valley High School, Rich High School, Altamont High School, and Summit Academy to name a few.  Check out the 2012 season schedule for more details!

Don’t miss our season-opener at Enterprise on August 17th!  Be sure to come out and support your Diamondback football team; kickoff is at 7pm.